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A leading manufacturer, exporter, suppliers & stock holder of Plate & we provide a comprehensive range of Plate.

We manufacture Plate in India for export all around the world.

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We can offer a comprehensive range of Plate for the right technical solution. Check below inventory for high nickel alloys all grades plate.

We provide : 

Cut to Size Sheets, Coils
Soft, 1/4 Hard, Half Hard, Full Hard
Mill Finish, Polished, No.8 Finish
300 Series, 400 Series, Others..

Size Range :

  Inches MM
Thickness : CR 0.01 - 0.24 0.2 - 6.0
Thickness : HR 0.24 - 4 6 - 100
Width : CR / HR * 0.10 - 78 2 - 2000
Finishes  Dull gray matte, to bright and highly reflective. Finishes may vary with alloys, tempers, and gauges.
Tempers Dead soft to extra hard
Edges ROUND EDGE, SLIT EDGE, OR SQUARE EDGE can be provided as per user requirement.
Gauge and Width 
A.I.S.I tolerances, your special tolerances, or extra close tolerances upon request.


Sheets of prime quality
Coils of reputed mills
Cut sizes available
Various Shape profiles

Services Avaiable



Stainless Steel 200, 300 & 400 series, Duplex steels.
Copper, Monel, Nickel, Incoloy, Hastelloy
High Purity Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys
Carbon Steel CR etc.


Stainless Steel Non-Magnetic grades 202,301, 304, 304L,304H, 316, 316L,316H, 310 ,321 etc.
Stainless Steel Magnetic grades 409, 409M, 410, 410S, 420, 430, 431 etc.
Non Ferrous Metals Aluminium / Copper / Brass / Phosphor Bronze / Bronze
Special Metals Nickel and Nickel Alloys / Inconel / Hastelloy / Monel / Titanium


Plate Packaging & Marking

Plate Packed ready stock   Plate export packing

Plate are individually wrapped by hand to ensure that the high quality of the material is maintained and no damage in the last stages of production.

Plate come with imprints relevant to the job information (eg, heat number, size, material and part number). This information is also printed along all delivered Plate.

Plate Price

ASTM 301 hot-rolled stainless steel plate/sheet
FOB Price: US $1400-6000 / Ton

316 316L hot-rolled stainless steel Sheet plate
FOB Price: US $1-100000 / Ton

hot-rolled stainless steel Sheet plates 316l
FOB Price: US $2100-2600 / Ton

Cold-rolled stainless steel Sheet plate 2B/BA finish 0.3mm--4.0mm thickness
FOB Price: US $1200-4200 / Ton

304L hot-rolled cold-rolled stainless steel Sheet plate
FOB Price: US $1800-4800 / Ton

317L Cold-rolled Stainless Steel Sheet Plate
FOB Price: US $600-5000 / Ton

Plate manufacturing method

Hot-rolled stainless steel plate

Cold-rolled stainless steel plate

Low hardness

High hardness

Easy processing

Processing is relatively more difficult

Plasticity, good ductility

Easily deformed

Relatively low intensity

High strength

Surface quality is poor (easily oxidized / finish low)

High surface finish

Generally Plate

Generally thin

Plate Inventory

Available materials for Sheet

Pipe Inventory

Stainless Steel Nickel Alloys Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel

Stainless Steel Plate
Stainless Steel 304 Plate
Stainless Steel 304L Plate
Stainless Steel 310 Plate
Stainless Steel 310S Plate
Stainless Steel 316 Plate
Stainless Steel 316L Plate
Stainless Steel 317 Plate
Stainless Steel 317L Plate
Stainless Steel 321 Plate
Stainless Steel 321H Plate
Stainless Steel 347 Plate
Stainless Steel 347H Plate
Stainless Steel 446 Plate
Duplex 2205 Plate
Super Duplex 2507 Plate

High Nickel Alloy Plate
Nickel 200 Plate
Nickel 201 Plate
Monel 400 Plate
Monel K500 Plate
Inconel 600 Plate
Inconel 601 Plate
Inconel 625 Plate
Inconel 718 Plate
Incoloy 800 Plate
Incoloy 800H Plate
Incoloy 800HT Plate
Incoloy 825 Plate
Incoloy 330 Plate
Hastelloy C276 Plate
Hastelloy C22 Plate
Hastelloy B2 Plate
Alloy 20 Plate
904L Plate
254 SMO Plate
Hastelloy x Plate

Carbon Steel Plate
Alloy Steel Plate



Available Materials

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